Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Past Events in Ravenstonedale

Many events take place in our parish. Not all are recorded and few make it onto our website but here is an illustrative record of some events that show the wide variety of celebrations that have taken place since the turn of the millennium. This record will hopefully show Ravenstonedale as an active and vibrant community. Indeed it is.

summer ball

Norman's Christmas Special

St Oswald's Christmas Show.

ravenstonedale agricultural shows

Agricultural Shows

Annual event held August.

ravenstonedale fairs

Fairs and Fetes

Pictures from fund raising events.

ravenstonedale mayday madness

Mayday Madness

Local Mayday celebrations.

christmas carol

Christmas Carol

Friends of St Oswald's event.

ravenstonedale garden trails

Garden Trails

Record of local garden trails.

farmer witch

Farmer Witch

A show worth remembering.

ravenstonedale jubilee parties

Jubilee Parties

Golden, Diamond Jubilee parties.

ravenstonedale music festivals

Music Festivals

Local music festivals.

cumbrian nights

Cumbrian Nights

Fun in our church.

ravenstonedale muskateers


Church fundraising events.

prince charles visits ravenstonedale

Prince Charles

Charles in Ravenstonedale.

ravenstonedale royal wedding celebration

Royal Wedding

Royal wedding celebrations.

scandal beck green ravenstonedale

Scandal Beck Green

New playground commissioned.

ravenstonedale golf challenges

Golf Challenges

Record of local golf challenges.

clay shoots

Clay Shoots

Pictures from some local shoots.

fell end broadband

Fell End Broadband

Bringing fibre to Fell End.

interviews with ravenstonedale locals


Interviews with locals, text and audio.

ravenstonedale its a knockout

Its a Knockout

An end to the academic year.

fothergill weekend

Fothergill Weekend

Gathering of the Fothergill clan.

heating the church

Heating the Church

Party to celebrate new heating.

ravenstonedale millenium map

Millenium Map

Made locally in 2000.

ravenstonedale hog roast

Hog Roast

Fund raising for St Oswald's.

hill farming in ravenstonedale

Hill Farming

History, gathering, haymaking.



From Ravenstonedale to Antarctica.

millennium embroidery panels

Millennium Embroidery

Embroidery panels made locally.

video link

Remembering Anna

Travel, love and heartbreak.



Local bonfires.

york races

York Races

Villagers go to the races.

ravenstonedale tennis club anniversary

Tennis Anniversary

50th anniversary of tennis club.

summer ball

Summer Ball

Summer Ball charity event.

past event

Coming Soon

Past event coming soon.